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Sodalitas Mariae Matris Sacerdotum

"I am immensely grateful to God for this Sodality and for our friendship in it; for this profound sense of community that is developing among us. We are a dispersed community, but we must never let our love seem dispersed. We will grow in love as we grow in knowledge of each other. There is a narrative that the church is in decline; that Anglo Catholicism has had its day. I do not believe either of those things. The men and women offering themselves in the Sodality are the new life, the new future, the mission priests of the coming years and decades."
Fr Richard Peers

About Us

We are priests in the Church of England, the Church of Ireland and the Church in Wales. We want to grow in holiness by sharing in a pious association of prayer and devotion.


Dates & Events

Our 'Sodality Days' are open to priests, deacons and ordinands alike. We particularly welcome those discerning membership.



The member's area is restricted to Aspirants, Associates and Members who have been formally admitted to the sodality.

member's area
Enjoying Fellowship…

“SMMS is not only a group of catholic minded clergy but a strong support network of prayer and encouragement.”

Christ Centred…

    “As priests in the Anglican Catholic tradition, we may continuously deepen our discipleship through the grace of God and the intercession of Mary to become more Christ centred and outward focused.”

Supporting Priests…

“SMMS  continues to feed and nourish the theological and spiritual underpinning that is necessary to sustain the priestly character.”

Join Us

Our Sodality is open to priests and those preparing for ordination to the priesthood the Anglican Provinces of the UK and Ireland. In the first instance we encourage you to attend one of our days/events or regional meets so that you can get to know us. You might explore this website and take a look at the rule, on the 'about us' page, that Sodalists are expected to keep. You might also wish to contact us either via facebook or at with any questions or to be put in touch with a Sodalist near you who can tell you more about our community.

New Member Form

The Sodality Prayer


in your love for us you chose Mary to be the Mother of your Son, the first to welcome Him into her heart and bring Him forth for a waiting world. Grant us such a measure of her grace as to be truly devoted to your Word. By the loving intercession of Our Lady, reconsecrate us each day and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit bring us, [your pilgrim priests,] to be set forth upon the ocean of light which is the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Mary the Mother of Priests

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